can you use lysol wipes on computer screens

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  • Are Lysol wipes safe to use on electronics?

  • Although Lysol wipes are safe to use on electronics, you should always check your electronic use instructions for cleaning before using wipes. Sometimes cleaning electronics so delicate and expensive can be a scary task.

  • Can I use Lysol wipes on my MacBook Air?

  • What to Do. Apple’s website states that Lysol Wipes are safe for disinfecting and cleaning MacBooks. Before using the wipe, unplug your computer from the wall or from your power strip and remove the batteries from your laptop and peripherals, if necessary.

  • How do you clean a gaming console with Lysol wipes?

  • For game consoles, use a vacuum to remove all dust and wipe down surfaces with a Lysol Disinfecting Wipe. 2. For remotes, disconnect or remove batteries. Use a dry cloth to remove all dust and swab the entire surface with a Lysol Disinfecting Wipe.

  • Can disinfecting wipes be used on monitors?

  • Can disinfecting wipes be applied to monitors? According to Forte, the laptops and monitors made by Apple, but also any other glass-protected model from a different brand, can safely be cleaned with Lysol disinfecting wipes. They are often recommended as the safest and most effective for cleansing electronics.

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