can you have itunes on two computers with same account

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  • Can I have iTunes on multiple computers?

  • You can have iTunes on multiple computers, however your library will be unique to each computer. You can use home sharing with iTunes to share music from one library to another within the same household.

  • How do I sync iTunes home sharing between two computers?

  • Wait several seconds for iTunes to recognize the share on the first computer. The Home Sharing option vanishes and a Home Share option appears. Click the Home Share option in the left menu to see the content hosted on the first computer. Select the files you want to sync on both computers.

  • Is it possible to sync an iPod/iPad/iPhone with two computers?

  • Yes, but it is not trivial… Sync iPod/iPad/iPhone with two computers. Although it isn’t possible to sync an Apple device with two different libraries it is possible to sync with the same logical library from multiple computers.

  • How do I transfer iTunes from one computer to another?

  • Download and install iTunes on the second computer if you don’t have it already. Click the Store menu and select Authorize This Computer.. Enter the Apple ID and password used on your Apple mobile device.

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