can you build computers for a living

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  • Can you make money by building computers?

  • Building a computer from parts can be fun and rewarding, but it鈥檚 also possible to do it for money. There are many ways to make money by building computers, from custom builds for clients to building systems for businesses. There are also many websites and forums where people buy, sell, or trade parts or whole systems.

  • How do I get Started with building computers?

  • As in any new venture, there is a small investment in time to do it the first time. Every time after that it gets faster and easier. The best way to introduce yourself to quality components is to search for articles on custom building computers and you will likely find yourself on a site such as Tom鈥檚 Hardware or PC Magazine.

  • Is there a good market to build computers for people?

  • 25 years ago, there was a good market to build computers for people as computers at the store were expensive and you could build a system for someone cheaper than they could buy it at the store and most people did not have the skill to build and configure a computer. That does not exist anymore.

  • Why do people build custom computers?

  • Building custom computers is like that as well. Build to sell. You want to source the cheapest of each component that will work and be stable. So quality equals stability. The only exceptions are where the interface between the client and the computer exists such as the keyboard, speakers, LCD and mouse.

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