can i text a cell phone from my computer

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  • Can you send a text message to a cell phone?

  • Send a text to a cell phone using any email service as long as your computer has an Internet connection. … To send a text via email, use the 10-digit phone number of the person you are texting as the address and the carrier he uses as the domain.

  • How do I text text a cell phone from a computer?

  • Text a cell phone from your computer when you do not have access to your cell phone or text messaging service. You can send messages from your computer either through your email or through programs designed for this purpose, such as Google Voice or Pinger for your browser or your desktop.

  • What happens when you send a text message from a computer?

  • When you send a text message from a computer, the recipient on a cell phone will receive an SMS text message that will be no different than a text message that was sent from another cell phone. Text messaging is the preferred way of communication in today’s world for just about everyone due to many reasons including convenience.

  • How do I send a message on my computer without a phone?

  • It should be the same process; however, if you don’t have a phone number on the phone, then you can use email. Thanks! How do I message on my computer? Go to your Gmail, press the little button that looks like quotation marks, and put in the receiver’s email.

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