can i re download minecraft on a different computer

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  • Can I download Minecraft on Windows 10 without buying it?

  • Hi, If you already own Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition, you can download the game again through Windows Store without paying for the game again.

  • How do I download Minecraft on my PC?

  • (Windows 10 Edition from Microsoft Store/ Java Edition from Minecraft website) If you have purchased Java Edition from Minecraft website, then go to Minecraft website and sign in with the same email account you used to purchase the game at that time. Then install the game on the PC.

  • How to transfer Minecraft from one computer to another?

  • Just download it on the other computer after logging in and make sure to save the files from your old Minecraft if you’re planning on playing the same worlds.

  • Where can I download old minecraft files?

  • The place to download the old files can usually be accessed by holding the windows key and pressing R, then typing in %appdata% the folder should be .minecraft.

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