can i have two outlook accounts on the same computer

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  • How do I sync two email accounts in outlook?

  • In your mailbox click the Settings cog in the top right, then select ‘View all Outlook settings’ 2. Select Email from the left hand menu then the Sync email sub-menu 3. Under Connected accounts select ‘Other email accounts’, fill in the details to connect your second account then click OK

  • Can I have two email accounts in the same mailbox?

  • If the two accounts are SMTP aliases both under the same mailbox then this will of course not work and is not how you should configure things. They must be specific, separate accounts for my option to work and it is how many businesses operate. Outlook will use whichever email account is being used to send from when opening each profile.

  • Can I have multiple Outlook accounts open at the same time?

  • It is possible to have several outlook accounts open at the same time. Use a private browsing session for the second account or use a different browser.

  • How to find emails from multiple accounts in outlook?

  • How to Find Emails From Multiple Accounts. Outlook doesn鈥檛 provide an option to view all emails in the same folder. This is because each mailbox is a synced copy of one on a server your provider manages. However, you can click the search box at the top of the main window in the mail view and change the location to 鈥淎ll mailboxes.鈥?/div>How to Manage Multiple Mailboxes in Outlook

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