can i depreciate computer software

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  • How does computer software depreciation fit into other types of depreciation?

  • So, computer software depreciation fits in with other types of discretionary GAAP determinations, as another consideration in Plant, Property, and Equipment (PPE) accounting. What is Asset Depreciation? Is Software an Intangible Asset?

  • Does a software subscription depreciate over time?

  • The subscription is about $1600 or $1700 per year and it keeps the software I bought up to date. So, my software doesn’t depreciate if I continue with the subscription. However, assets depreciate. I assume the subscription cost would be filed as an expense.

  • Does bonus depreciation apply to software?

  • Some software is deemed to be 鈥渄eveloped鈥?(designed in-house or by a contractor who isn鈥檛 at risk if the software doesn鈥檛 perform). For tax years beginning before calendar year 2022, bonus depreciation applies to developed software to the extent described above.

  • Can you depreciate R&D?

  • Interestingly, if software is purchased for RD it is not allowed to be depreciated, since RD expenses aren鈥檛 depreciated either. However, if the software can be proved to have other uses outside of RD, then it can placed as a fixed asset and depreciated like previously discussed.

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