are all pharmacy computers linked

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  • What is the importance of computer in pharmacy?

  • They have become indispensable in the development of clinical pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and pharmaceutical research. Computers are also useful for patient profile monitoring, medication, database management and material management. It is useful in providing on drug interactions, drug information services and patient counseling.

  • How does technology affect pharmacy management?

  • In Missouri, for example, the state pharmacy board requires pharmacies to keep hard-copy records on file for double-checking. A pharmacist has to verify the accuracy of each prescription in the electronic records. Computer technology helps pharmacies better manage their supplies.

  • What are the softwares used by a pharmacist?

  • Softwares like Microsoft Excel are useful in maintenance of all type of numerical data.Clinical pharmacist may use computers for therapeutic drug monitoring; which are very potent and having very narrow therapeutic range like cardiac glycosides, anticonvulsants.

  • What are the benefits of a computerized checkout system for pharmacies?

  • The computerized checkout system can deliver reports on sales by the day, month and week. That data help track which drugs are in greatest demand, when peak shopping hours are and how efficiently staff handle requests. All of this makes it easier to analyze the pharmacy’s financial performance.

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