are alienware computers upgradeable

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  • Is it possible to upgrade my Alienware laptop?

  • The two things that are not very upgradeable are the power supply and motherboard. They are both possible to upgrade BUT will be very difficult due to how Alienwares are built.

  • Is the Alienware area-51m upgradeable?

  • The Alienware Area-51m never lived up to the promise of being an upgradeable laptop. At CES 2019 Dell unveiled its then-flagship gaming laptop, the Alienware Area-51m. One of the biggest selling points was that Dell promised the system would be upgradeable, allowing owners the option to disassemble and replace internal components.

  • Are gaming laptops upgradeable?

  • Yes, they are. There are many upgradeable gaming laptops, such as Alienware Area 51M gaming laptop, ASUS ROG Strix Hero III gaming laptop (this laptop’s GPU and CPU is not upgradeable), etc.

  • Can I upgrade my Alienware laptop to an RTX 2080?

  • An Alienware spokesperson claimed last year that Dell was committed to providing upgrades for the platform, but apparently what Dell meant by that was that it would only provide upgrades within the product family. In other words, if you have a 1660 Ti, you could swap up to an RTX 2080.

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