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  • What is a good desktop PC?

  • In general, a good desktop PC is a jack of all trades that performs a number of vital roles in your home and work life. Desktop PCs usually cost a little less than their contemporaries, such as the best laptops.

  • Is a desktop PC right for You?

  • Even though laptops and tablets make up roughly 80% of the PC market, one out of every five computers sold is a good old-fashioned desktop. And why not? If you already spend your day tethered to a big-screen monitor, a desktop PC as your home computer makes a lot of sense. And when it comes to longevity, it’s hard to beat a desktop PC.

  • How to choose the best PC for your needs?

  • We鈥檙e here to help you if you鈥檙e looking for the best PC for your needs. There are some things to consider such as the price, performance, form factor, and size, not to mention future-proofing and expandability.

  • What makes a good gaming PC?

  • Gaming computers are built to be workhorses. Games push computers harder than normal tasks largely because of the graphics and constant sending and receiving of information. So you need a computer that’s able to keep up with all that. The HP Omen series is a line of gaming PCs that can be just as big as you need them to be.

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